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Learn more about domestic violence by reviewing this list of books on the subject.

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  • Battered Into Submission: The Tragedy of Wife Abuse in the Christian Home by Phyllis Alsdurf, James Alsdurf Paperback List: $11.99 -- Price: $10.79 -- You Save: $1.20(10%)

  • Battered Wives by Del Martin Midwest Book Review: Battered Wives is the first (and still the best) general introduction to the problem of abuse. Battered Wives includes excellent critical summaries of the legal and political status of battered wives and the extent to which their immediate predicament must be understood in broad political terms. Del Martin argues that the basis of the problem is not in husband/wife interaction or immediate triggering events, but in the institution of marriage, historical attitudes toward women, the economy, and inadequacies in legal and social service systems. Martin wants police and prosecutor functions constrained. She proposes specific legislation prohibiting wife abuse and suggests that judges protect the wife by closing the door to probation and de-emphasizing reconciliation. Other recommendations concern gun control, equal rights, and marriage contract legislation. Battered Wives is the seminal, benchmark title on the subject of domestic violence. Paperback List: $12.95 -- Price: $12.95

  • The Battered Woman's Survival Guide The most practical, informative resource guide available for victims of domestic violence and for all who want to help, this book includes a detailed profile of the battering personality to help women recognize potential danger before it happens, shocking real-life cases, hundreds of updated hotline numbers and more.Paperback Price information not available. You can still order this item, and we will request approval of the price via email prior to shipment.

  • The Batterer: A Psychological Profile by Susan K. Golant, Donald G. Dutton From the prosecution's expert witness in the O.J. Simpson case comes the definitive word on why men abuse women and what can be done about it. Dutton draws on his pathbreaking studies of more than 700 abusive men--as well as therapy with hundreds more--to paint a dramatic and surprising portrait of the man who assaults his intimate partner. Hardcover List: $18.00 -- Price: $16.20 -- You Save: $1.80(10%)

  • Chain Chain Change: For Black Women in Abusive Relationships by Evelyn C. White This expanded edition of the only book on domestic violence specifically written for black women contains new chapters and updated information. Filled with wise advice, guidance, and a strong sense of hope, this book is an empowering handbook for the black woman who wants to break free of the abuse in her life and find healthier relationships and self-love. Paperback List: $8.95 -- Price: $8.05 -- You Save: $0.90(10%)

  • Defending Our Lives: Getting Away from Domestic Violence by Susan Murphy-Milano This is one of the first books to offer practical, step-by-step advice to battered women on how to protect themselves from violent abuse in the home. Author Susan Murphy-Milano is the founder of Project: Protect and is one of the most visible and vocal advocates for victims of domestic violence. Paperback List: $14.00 -- Price: $12.60 -- You Save: $1.40(10%)

  • The Hitting Habit: Anger Control for Battering Couples by Jeanne P. Deschner Paperback List: $14.95 -- Price: $13.45 -- You Save: $1.50(10%)

  • I Am Not Your Victim: Anatomy of Domestic Violenceby Beth Sipe, Evelyn J. HallIn In this first volume of a new series, Sipe, a victim of domestic violence who killed her abusive husband in self defense, details the events leading up to the shooting, and her experiences with the police, the military, the mental health, and the welfare systems. Includes commentary by experts in the field on the causes and processes of spousal abuse, plus b&w photos. For students and professionals in social work and counseling, as well as general readers.Hardcover List: $49.95 -- Price: $49.95

  • Man to Man: A Guide for Men in Abusive Relationships by Edward W. Gondolf, David M. Russell Paperback List: $4.95 -- Price: $4.95

  • Next Time, She'll Be Dead: Battering & How to Stop It by Ann Jones Hardcover List: $22.00 -- Price: $19.80 -- You Save: $2.20(10%)

  • Crows Over A Wheatfield by Rick Kot (Editor), Paula Sharp Timely, provocative, and fine-tuned emotionally--written with an insider's knowledge of the legal system--this new novel by the author of The Woman Who Was Not All There tells a tautly dramatic, emotionally overwhelming story about how domestic violence destroys families. Hardcover List: $22.95 -- Price: $18.36 -- You Save: $4.59(20%)

  • The One Safe Place by Ramsey Campbell The world's most celebrated author of psychological horror returns with a story of the violation of what should be sacrosanct: home and family. After testifying against the man who assaulted him, Don Travis is beaten to death by members of the man's criminally minded family. And then a schoolmate of Don's son ccontinues the vendetta against the family by kidnapping and torturing the boy. Hardcover List: $23.95 -- Price: $21.56 -- You Save: $2.39(10%)

  • Reckless Driver by Lisa Vice Lana Franklin is the younger daughter of a blue-collar family on the edge of self-destruction. After Lana's mother leaves, her father becomes increasingly violent and abusive. This powerful new novel grows in power as it builds to a dramatic conclusion--the effect is cumulative and indelible. Hardcover, 275 pages List: $21.95 -- Price: $19.76 -- You Save: $2.19(10%)

  • Run Jane Run: A True Story of Murder and Courage by Jane Wells Hardcover List: $22.95 -- Price: $20.66 -- You Save: $2.29(10%)

  • Verbal Abuse: Survivors Speak Out on Relationships and Recovery by Patricia Evans In her new book, Patricia Evans outlines new healing strategies based on hundreds of real-life letters and interviews. She offers verbal abuse victims advice on finding shelters and support groups after making the choice to terminate a relationship with an abuser. Paperback List: $10.95 -- Price: $9.85 -- You Save: $1.10(10%)

  • Violent No More: Helping Men End Domestic Abuse by Michael Paymar Paperback List: $12.95 -- Price: $11.65 -- You Save: $1.30(10%)

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