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  • As Iron Sharpens Iron: Building Character in a Mentoring Relationship by Howard Henricks, William Hendricks, Howard G. Hendricks Hardcover List: $18.99 -- Price: $17.09 -- You Save: $1.90(10%)

  • Back to Basics: Fundamental Educational Questions Re-examined by Francis Schrag Hardcover List: $27.95 -- Price: $27.95

  • Changing American Education: Recapturing the Past or Inventing the Future? by Nancy P. Greenman (Editor), Kathryn M. Borman Paperback List: $24.95 -- Price: $24.95

  • Charter Schools: Creating Hope and Opportunity for American Education by Joe Nathan Hardcover List: $25.00 -- Price: $22.50 -- You Save: $2.50(10%)

  • Classroom Crusaders: Twelve Teachers Who Are Trying to Change the System by Blake Hume Rodman (Editor), Ronald A. Wolk Book News, Inc., 06/01/95: Presents 12 profiles of teachers who are leading education reform in their schools, districts, and communities. Each story portrays a challenge to the status quo, from a Brooklyn educator who created a way for racially divided students to solve problems peaceably to two Milwaukee teachers who began an experimental public school, showing not only what the teachers accomplished but also how they themselves changed in the process. No index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. Hardcover List: $26.95 -- Price: $26.95

  • Conflict of Interests: The Politics of American Education by Joel Spring Paperback List: $30.75 -- Price: $30.75

  • The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children by Gloria Ladson-Billings In The Dreamkeepers, Gloria Ladson-Billings draws on her own educational experience as an African American student, teacher, and parent to highlight a handful of individuals and programs that are turning dreams into reality. Ladson-Billings celebrates eight exemplary teachers who share an approach to teaching that affirms and strengthens cultural identity. Hardcover List: $25.00 -- Price: $25.00

  • Education Reform and Social Change: Multicultural Voices, Struggles and Visions by Catherine E. Walsh (Editor) Hardcover List: $59.95 -- Price: $59.95

  • Education Reform in the 90's by Theodor Rebarber (Editor), Chester E. Finn
    The product of a two-year research project by leaders in the education field, this compelling prescription for what ails American education advises a full reworking of the system which includes professionalism and flexibility, and encourages parents to become active participants in the making of school policies. Hardcover List: $24.95 -- Price: $24.95

  • Educational Renewal: Better Teachers, Better Schools by John Goodlad
    Goodlad's book picks up where Teachers for Our Nation's Schools left off by filling in the details of the author's vision of a "Center of Pedagogy"--a concept that brings schools and universities together in a true collaborative relationship. Hardcover List: $31.95 -- Price: $31.95

  • Getting What We Ask For: The Ambiguity of Success and Failure in Urban Education by Charles M. Payne Hardcover List: $49.95 -- Price: $49.95

  • Lives in the Balance: Youth, Poverty, and Education in Watts by Ann C. Diver-Stamnes Paperback List: $16.95 -- Price: $16.95

  • The One Best System: A History of American Urban Education by David Tyack Paperback List: $17.00 -- Price: $17.00

  • The Social Construction of Urban Schooling: Situating the Crisis by Louis F. Miron Hardcover List: $55.00 -- Price: $55.00

  • Transforming Urban Education by Edward J. Nussel, Joseph Kretovics Paperback List: $49.00 -- Price: $49.00

  • Urban Church Education by Donald B. Rogers, Donald R. Rogers Hardcover List: $16.95 -- Price: $16.95

  • Of Borders and Dreams: A Mexican-American Experience of Urban Education by Chris Liska Carger Paperback List: $17.95 -- Price: $17.95

  • Urban Classroom Portraits: Teachers Who Make a Difference by Mary E. Bredemeier Hardcover List: $38.50 -- Price: $38.50

  • Youth Mentoring: Programs and Practices by Erwin Flaxman Paperback List: $8.12-- Price: $8.12 + $1.35 special surcharge

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