New CBS White House Correspondent
Says Faith Provides Peace in Life

By Robert L. Robertson

DALLAS (UMNS) -- Scott Pelley, a Dallas-based CBS News correspondent currently assigned to the "CBS Evening News" with Dan Rather, has been named chief White House correspondent for the network, effective Sept 1.

Pelley, his wife and two children, are active members of Preston Hollow United Methodist Church in Dallas.

In an interview before leaving Dallas, Pelley spoke about the tension and pressure associated with newsgathering. "I would hate to cope with that tension without a relation with God," he said. "There are ethical dilemmas daily. Not only are we seeking the truth, but trying to present that truth in a fair and balanced way."

He said faith provides an "inner peace" in his busy life. "Church every Sunday is ethical recalibration for me ... I look for some sort of relation to the sermon and what happens in the real world.

"Explain to me the Scriptures and what was happening, but I have a real hunger for some of that relevance explained to today. The sermon gives me perspective."

Pelley expressed gratitude that his pastor, the Rev. Tom Brown, had invited him to meet regularly to discuss his sermons.

As Pelley begins his new assignment, he said he would continue to focus daily on "eleven, three, grace", three words that have become an expression of faith. "There are 11 million people watching CBS Evening News; three people back home depending on me; and I am woefully deficient in grace ... I must seek it from the Lord."

Pelley's current duties include "Eye on America" special reports on the CBS Evening News and coverage of the Oklahoma City bombing trial.

Recently he reported from the scene of an airplane crash in Delhi, India. He covered the Los Angeles earthquake, the Branch Davidian raid and stand-off outside Waco, and the World Trade Center bombing.

He also reported live during the Iraqi missile attacks on Saudi Arabia and joined the troops of the 18th Airborne Corps for combat coverage of the invasion of Iraq and the liberation of Kuwait.

Posted August 26, 1997
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